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I'm a faithful reader of the stupid women magazines like Glamour, Marie Claire, and Cosmopolitan, right? And they are always doing these stories on what men are really thinking during sex.

So, that's my question... guys... what do you think about during sex?

And girls... what were you thinking the last time you had sex?

I just want to see how true these articles are.
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-makes a face- i don't know about anybody else, but i think about how it feels lol
During sex?

I don't think just do
oooh zen-fucking...very nice *nods*
The last time... hmm I think I was thinking; I bet everyone can see what we're doing, should we get up and move...damn she's tasty...i'm gonna get Ice-cream after this.... Mmmm ice cream. And so on.
I don't really THINK about it WHILE I am doing it. But the last time RIGHT afterwords I was thinking"DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN"
Pleasing the woman I am with.

oh yeah, right there, oh yeah oh yeah! lol i have to think it or my room mates will hear it... lmao